Friday, August 04, 2006

advantages of hdtv

  • All commercial HD is digital, so the signal will either deliver an excellent picture, a picture with noticeable pixelation, a series of still pictures, or no picture at all. You would never get a snowy or washed out image from a weak signal, effects from signal interference, such as herringbone patterns, or vertical rolling.
  • Most HD programming and films will be presented in the 16x9 proportioned, semi-widescreen format (though some films created in even wider ratios will still display "letterbox" bars on the top and bottom of even 16:9 sets.) Older films and programming that retain their 4:3 ratio display will be presented in a version of letterbox commonly called "pillar box", displaying bars on the right and left of 16:9 sets (rendering the term "fullscreen" a misnomer). Or, one can usually choose to enlarge the image to fill the screen, however this option will display a distorted, stretched-out picture.
  • The colors will generally look more realistic, due to their greater bandwidth.
  • The visual information is about 2-5 times more detailed overall. The gaps between scanning lines are smaller or invisible. Legacy TV content that was shot and preserved on 35 mm film can now be viewed at nearly the same resolution as that at which it was originally photographed.
  • Two new pre-recorded disc formats support HDTV resolutions, namely HD DVD(which now up to supports 720p and 1080i) and Blu-ray (which supports up to 1080p). Players for both systems are expected to be backward-compatible with DVDs, however the two formats are not compatible with each other.
  • The increased clarity and detail make larger screen sizes more comfortable and pleasing to watch.
  • Dolby Digital 5.1 sound is broadcast along with standard HDTV video signals allowing full surround sound capabilities. (standard television signals broadcast basic stereo audio signals)
these advantages i figured out in the hdtv article on wikipedia!

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