Sunday, August 06, 2006

floyd landis doped during the tour de france

On July 27, 2006 the Phonak Cycling Team announced Floyd Landis had an "A sample" test come back positive with an unusually high ratio of the hormone testosterone to epitestosterone after his famous ride in Stage 17 of the Tour de France. Landis denied doping when waiting for the results of his "B sample" to confirm the initial drug test. Landis was then suspended pending the results, with Phonak stating he would be dismissed should his B sample prove positive.[14] Landis' personal doctor later revealed the test had found a ratio of 11:1 in Landis' blood. The permitted ratio is 4:1. Also, the carbon isotope test results indicated the presence of synthetic testosterone that would not be naturally produced.

Landis officially requested the testing of his backup urine sample on July 31, 2006. The result of his B sample test was announced on August 5, 2006, confirming the positive test for testosterone in the A sample. (Backup Sample on Landis Is Positive", New York Times, 2006-08-05.) Well I´m really interested, how landis will deal with his doping problem.


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