Friday, August 04, 2006

making pictures with a canon eos

if anybody of you thinks about buying a digital camera i recommend a canon EOS. I worked with one last weekend and fell just in love with it. all eos' digis work with flash technology.

The photographic flash mechanism used on Canon's EOS single-lens reflex cameras, whether 135 film or digital, from their 1987 introduction until the present day — has gone through a number of revisions over the years, as new flash exposure metering systems have been introduced. The main technologies are known by the names "A-TTL", "E-TTL", and "E-TTL II". These technologies involve both the EOS camera bodies and the flash units themselves, which are sold under the trade name of Speedlite (confusingly similar to Nikon Corporation's "Speedlight" brand for their flashes).

The EOS flash system is capable of wireless multiple flash control, whereby a master flash unit or IR transmitter mounted on the camera body can control up to 3 groups of flash units through infrared (IR) signals.

there are different types of the canon EOS digicams:

EOS D30 October 2000
EOS-1D December 2001
EOS D60 March 2002
EOS-1Ds November 2002
EOS 10D March 2003
EOS 300D/Digital Rebel September 2003
EOS-1D Mark II April 2004
EOS 20D September 2004
EOS-1Ds Mark II November 2004
EOS 20Da February 2005
EOS 350D/Digital Rebel XT March 2005
EOS 5D August 2005
EOS-1D Mark II N August 2005
EOS 30D February 2006


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